Thursday, 21 June 2012

Oh hello you, glitter heed!

Now that collections are out in the open i think it's time that I started sharing with you some of the images I've been keeping underwraps for the past couple of months!
Here's some sneaky pics of the lovely sam modelling one of my creations!
Here I have her in a screen printed glitter head motif dress, that has been double dip dyed eletric blue at either side! ( cause you can never have too much glitter or for that matter dip dye in your wardrobe...fact!) Also more hidden (behind the piles of glitter!) Is some flock detailing, but you might have to get up close and personal to the piece before you see it! So come down to Grays degree show, running until this saturday for a sneaky peek!

All accessories in this shoot are constructed by myself out of laser cut gold perspex, cut into a washer women image. Available to order are washer women brooches and earring sets. Tight also are available on commission. from more info gives a shout at> 

Keep your eyes peeled for more images from the degree show, and the  "skinny malinky long-legs" ladies that will be appearing here shortly!

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